Acoustic wall panels in the workplace – what material should I use?

In music school buildings, it is often difficult to obtain adequate acoustic insulation. Musical instruments generate high levels of acoustic pressure, and at the same time the tolerance for sounds coming from neighboring rooms is very low. An additional problem is the small dimensions of the rooms. So what material is the most suitable for the insulation of such rooms?

The proper insulation is very important

Thanks to the use of acoustic wall panels, the sounds in the room are perfectly attenuated or reflected. In the case of offices, flats and apartments, this means separating the interior of the property from bothersome street and street noise, and this definitely affects the level of acoustic comfort of users. Quiet interiors favor concentration during work, but also eliminate fatigue and facilitate relaxation.

Wall acoustic claddings look very impressive in interiors. Depending on the expectations, they can take ultra-modern, even futuristic forms or fit in with the classic interior design of offices and apartments.

Acoustic wall panels and their applications

Acoustic wall panels on the market are found in many models. They are very often used in the music industry. These are the ceiling linings preferred especially by the music and media industry. They provide not only excellent sound attenuation, penetrating from the upper floors or the roof of buildings, but also the proper propagation of the acoustic wave inside the room.

Acoustic systems are also very popular. Acoustic systems are complex, spatial elements, usually made of plywood or wood-based panels, with absorbing, diffusing or absorbing-dissipative properties. They are used to improve the acoustics in difficult rooms or in those where we want perfect acoustics. Very often, the material used as an acoustic insulator is glass reinforced concrete.

It is worth remembering that such acoustic wall panels are used not only in the music industry. More and more often, many people decide to use such panels in their private homes.