Can you combine the functionality and aesthetics of acoustic claddings?

Public facilities such as halls at stations and airports, platforms or communication routes are particularly acoustically difficult spaces.

Appropriate sound insulation is very important

If the object is to look modern and respond to today’s trends, architects face a huge challenge. Proper selection of materials, however, allows you to create a traveler-friendly interior.

Large, mobile spaces are usually associated with noise. Undoubtedly, the leader in the list of disgraceful places in terms of bad acoustics is occupied by public transport buildings. Huge halls in airports or stations are large clusters of people. Movement and conversation itself cause high noise levels. On top of that, there are always messages coming from the loudspeakers. Waiting for a train or plane in such noise causes fatigue and irritability. The situation is even worse on the platforms of railway stations and in the subway. The noise of trains entering is the biggest threat to hearing. The level of sound intensity then reaches approx. 100-120 dB, which means it is considered harmful to health. And although the travelers usually stay on the platforms quite briefly, proper quietening of the platforms is no less important.

Can you combine the functionality and aesthetics?

It is definitely very easy to combine aesthetics with the functionality of wall claddings, which should provide us with acoustic insulation. Currently, there are many such products on the market, so we will not have too much trouble choosing the right material. However, we should not forget that the right project is very important in this case. More recently, GRC concrete has been applied to such projects. It is this material that provides excellent sound insulation. It is also ecological, thanks to it is very good for the environment. In addition, it looks very attractive, so every interior looks great. It is definitely worth investing in it. It is a modern material of our time and it will be even more popular in the future.