How does acoustic cladding allow the creative freedom of an architect?

Silencing the apartment is very important. Certainly, each of us values ​​their own corner and likes their neighbors, but we do not necessarily want to hear what is happening behind the wall. So how can we mute the apartment?

A properly soundproof apartment is very important

Silent walls in the apartment despite appearances is not so difficult. In the space between the embarrassing wall and the grate mineral wool is placed. The filling should be even and total over the entire surface of the barrier. At the very end, a wall cladding is screwed to the grate, which is usually made of gypsum – cardboard. In order to improve the acoustic insulation parameters, in some cases they are used twice. Specialists are of the opinion that the theoretically the best construction of acoustic insulation is a combination of mineral wool and a lead plate. This, however, as emphasized only by the theory, which in practice is not applicable. The lead plate is expensive, and in addition very heavy. That is why GRC concrete is becoming more and more popular and this material is most often used.

Ceiling silencing is also important

Silencing the ceiling can be done in the same way as wall mute. During renovation, more and more often we decide on effective suspended ceilings. Such ceilings also limit our living space, but only vertically. Sometimes the apartment is so high that its reduction is even indicated. Thus, the acoustic screen on the ceiling can successfully have a greater thickness than in the case of silenced walls. Thus, it will be more effective, so that the sounds of treading on the floor by the neighbor from above, or the murmurs resulting from the furniture being moved by him, will become quite inaudible for us.

How does acoustic cladding allow the creative freedom of an architect?

It is worth remembering that such a quiet room will not make it look unattractive. We should remember that in this case, a good architect will be able to handle additional materials, so that they will not be visible. Often, such additional cladding that is to be insulated becomes a new addition to any interior.