How to adjust the room using GRC acoustic concrete?

Partition walls should effectively suppress sounds. Sound insulation is one of their basic tasks, since the partition walls largely depend on acoustic comfort at home. Partition walls should be built of cellular concrete or ceramic hollow blocks, then acoustic insulation will not be a challenge for them.

Acoustic concrete the best solution

In order for all household members to feel comfortable in their own home, it is worth analyzing the neighborhood of the rooms and the materials from which the partition walls will be built to ensure sound insulation. Their professional, accurate workmanship and finish is also important.

Dividing walls primarily carry airborne sounds, i.e. those whose source is, for example, conversation, music or crying of a child. To a lesser extent, these are impact sounds. However, if there is a washing machine or a dishwasher in the immediate vicinity of the wall, it may also transmit vibrations related to the operation of the equipment, which affects the sound insulation.

For building partition walls materials such as silicates or full brick are the best. The acoustic insulation of a partition is largely influenced by the weight of the material, the heavier blocks or bricks, the better it protects neighboring rooms against the penetration of noise. For example, a wall of cellular concrete covered on both sides with gypsum plaster.

How to adjust the room using GRC acoustic concrete?

In addition to wall materials, it is also important to follow rules that are particularly important due to the acoustics. First of all, the partition walls do not rebuild with carriers. This prevents the transmission of unwanted sounds from load-bearing walls to partition walls. In addition, a gap of 1-1.5 cm is left between the wall and the ceiling, which is then filled with insulating material, for example polyurethane foam.

A very good material, which is increasingly used to dampen the room, is GRC concrete. Such concrete reinforced with fiberglass will surely perfectly soundproof our room, thanks to this we will not hear any sounds from the outside. However, it also provides us with a perfect look of our room.