How well does acoustic concrete absorb sound?

Sound absorption by sound absorbing materials and articles is related to their porous or fibrous structure. Porous materials are called materials in which the hard substance occupies only part of the total surface, while the remaining part is occupied by innumerable number of air cells, most often discovered outside and connecting with each other.

Which material absorbs the sound best in the interior?

The losses of acoustic energy generated in the layer of porous material are directly proportional to the resistance of the air flow through this layer. This resistance depends on the ratio of the pressure difference on both sides of the material layers to the speed of the air stream flowing through the material layer and the thickness of the layer. The loss of acoustic energy decreases with increasing pore size in the material, due to the fact that the air viscosity decreases.

Textile materials and sound absorbing products include: carpets, sidewalks, curtains, felts and nonwovens. They absorb sound well in the medium and high frequency band, while they are hardly absorbing in the low frequency range. The curtains, carpets and sidewalks are usually used as complementary elements of the room’s interior to adjust the reverberation time in the medium and high frequencies.

How well does acoustic concrete absorb sound?

However, few people remember that concrete also absorbs the sound very well. Recently, more and more people are choosing to use GRC concrete in their rooms. It is definitely a very good material for rooms, because primarily deciding to install such a wall, for example, we can no longer hear sounds coming from outside. In particular, it is a very useful solution in blocks. However, we should not forget that such GRC concrete not only absorbs the sound perfectly. This solution also looks very attractive. Because of this, not only more and more private people use it, but more and more companies are also deciding for such a solution. Therefore, it is worth using GRC concrete and enjoy the peace in our apartment.